use Banglalion USB modem in Ubuntu

use Banglalion USB modem in Ubuntu 11.04,11.10,12.04+ .
Now you can use and it’s 100% granted. I am using in ubuntu 11.10 science  02-28-2012.

All you have to do is only two steps.
1. download this software Beceem Control Panel in your windows operating sys. Install and open this software to change the ZTE AX226 Device ID. (Skip this steps if your device not Ax226) Follow the images
click as shown

Click on Edit tools , > Click on Modify usb Autoinit data
Go to edit tools and clik on Modify USB Autoinit Data
Click Read from device
set Vendor ID =198F and Product ID = 0220

gives values as shown(Vendor ID=198F and Product ID=0220) and than Click on write to Device. wait a while than close software and remove usb modem.

2. download this connection manager for banglalion in ubuntu, for AX226 / WU216 modem , for U211. (for ubuntu 11.04 you need the library file)
now go to ubuntu OS and Install this GUI in ubuntu( right click on file , go to properties and mark on the Allow executing/Is executable, than just double click and click on Run) . open your dash search wimax connection manager , type wcm and open it , next connect your usb modem in usb port. on the account tab fill the form and then click connect

that’s all you need to done with your Internet connection modem

Help Guide

N.B. All this informations gathered from web:

Primary sources:

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11 Responses to use Banglalion USB modem in Ubuntu

  1. luv2know says:

    I think it is most simplest way to use Banglalion usb modem in ubuntu/linux
    If any problem please inform

  2. constantine says:

    ubuntu 12.04 hangs after the modem is inserted. what to do.

    • luv2know says:

      Hellow constantine
      If U have installed the GUI for wimax connection in your ubuntu successfully. So Next Run the software first and after that put the modem in your usb port. Wait a while you will see the situation “disconnected ” .Now fill the account and connect.
      If still problem tell me the steps you have followed.

  3. shumon says:

    We greately appriciate your work.
    I really need to use Bangla Lion in Linux (Ubuntu, 64 bit, v12.04). So, could you please please find a way to use it in 64bit linux………..

    Thanks a lot in advance.


    • luv2know says:

      Hellow Bro,
      Have you tried this approach on Ubuntu 64 bit?
      I don’t think, this will work in 64 bit.
      Passing so busy minutes. If I able to find out about 64 bit, U will see a post soon.
      &Everybody Keep fine

  4. saif says:

    If I use the moden in this way, will it work in Windows environment also?

    • luv2know says:

      Yes, If you change the ID’s what is shown in step one. You will be able to use your modem in MS Windows also.

      But be careful , not to enter the wrong ID’s.
      If you use wrong ID than you modem will not be found in any OS later

  5. বিশিষ্ট ইইই ইঞ্জিনিয়ার, ওডেস্ক ওয়ার্কার এবং ‘ইথিকাল হ্যাকার’ ভাই,

    আমার কমেন্টখানা মুছে দিলেন কোন সৎ সাহসে? আপনার পরিচয়টা জানতে পারি? একে তো পোস্টে সূত্র উল্লেখ করেন নি, তার ওপর সবজান্তা ভাব নিচ্ছেন। বেশ বেশ!

    • luv2know says:

      Sorry brother you are thinking wrong about me.
      I have post this only to help others. I just gathered informations and post this to Enjoy with others. It’s not to heart you.

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